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Sahara Pillows
Sahara  Pillows
Armchair Cover Only
Armchair Cover Only

In each Collection you can find information on the product and also the way to use and keep it. Here is the way to make an order:

  1. Choose the model in the collections.
  2. Click on "details". In this page you may see, on the bottom left a table with the forecasted delivery dates for each product and therefore you may choose  besides the quantity, the available options and see when you'll get it. Note:  Always on the page of details you must afterwards click on the "cart" that allows you to control the choices made. Than you should insert  the shipping information.
  3. Next phases are the shipping method and the payment method (PayPal or credit Card).
  4. Finally you will be sent to the Bank or Paypal Sites in order for you to finalize the purchase.

Note:  You may find information about you and your order status by clicking on "Account Maintenance" just above the user's login.

Sahara Sahara Pillows Armchair Cover Only Nomade

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