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1. What does it mean CEE and EXTRA-CEE ?
2. What are the Shipping Costs ?
3. Where Can I find a Saharadesign Shop nearby ?
4. Why my user is "locked" ?
5. What have I to do to clean the fabric ?

1. What does it mean EEC and EXTRA-EEC ?

If you live or order from an European Country you must pay VAT. Viceversa if you live in Switzerland, Australia .... you should have to pay only local taxes. For more information click on "SHIPMENT AND TAXES".  

2. What are the Shipping Costs ?

For most of the Countries  (Europe, US, etc.) shipping costs are shown when creating an order. In any case if you "simulate" an order you will know what the shipping charges are.  

3. Where Can I find a Saharadesign Shop nearby ?

Presently besides the on-line site there are only two shops and they are in Milano: Mimma Gini in via Gian Giacomo Mora and Nella Longari in via Bigli.

4. Why my user is "locked" ?

When you register to the system sends to you a mail with an address and asks you to click it for confirmation... this is due to the fact that there might be registration made by spammers... and your confirmation avoids this. In any case after some days we normally confirm it anyway.  

5. What have I to do to clean the fabric ?

Solacryl  marine acrylics by Bainbridge have been specifically designed for use in marine covers and awnings and will provide many years of service and protection to your chair. Following these simple guidelines will prolong their appearance.
For regular care and maintenance, excessive dirt should be brushed from the fabric using a soft brush.
The fabric should then be sprayed with warm water (not exceeding 00°F / 40°C) and air dried.
Periodically, the fabric should undergo a more thorough cleaning: gain, brush with a soft bristled brush, spray with warm water then
apply a gentle non-detergent soap. Leave to stand for 10 to 20 minutes, allowing the fabric to dry. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.
Do not use detergents.