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General Terms of Sale

Welcome to our website (""). Access to and use of this website as the purchase of products on "", requires reading, knowledge and acceptance of these General Terms of Sale.This website is managed and maintained by: 

Brandoso Srl
Via Vittoria Colonna 45
20149 Milan - Italy
CF And VAT 05840100969

Brandoso Srl may alter or simply update, in whole or in part, these conditions of Sale which will be binding once posted on the website. The sale of products Sahara Design® in the shop "" is always directed to a consumer client (ie a physical person that buys goods for purposes not related to his professional activities), and he is responsible for knowing and printing these general terms of sale. It is excluded any right of the Customer to damages or compensation, as well as any contractual responsibility for any direct or indirect damage to persons and / or property, caused by the non acceptance, even partial, of an order.

Purchase Method. You can only buy products, included in the "" electronic catalogue that is visualized online at (URL) "", and described in the relevant information sheets. It is understood that in the image(s) accompanying the information sheet, a product may not be fully representative of its characteristics. Proper receipt of the order is confirmed by Brandoso Srl through an e-mail, sent to the email address supplied by the customer. This confirmation message will contain Date and Time of the order entry and a 'Customer Order Number', to be used in all further communications with Brandoso Srl (""). This message will include all data inputted by the Customer that must verify the correctness and communicate promptly any corrections, using the e-mail on "Contacts" or sending a letter to Brandoso Srl. If correctly received the order can be viewed and printed by the customer in his "personal area" on "Profile and Account History".

Prices. The prices are all given in € (Euro) and for the EEC Customers it is exposed the VAT, while prices for non-EEC Customers do not include VAT as sales abroad is not subject to VAT but each Country applies its own rules of import taxation. List prices are the prices recommended by SaharaDesign® for Stores and are reported only tentatively as may differ from shop to shop and modified by SaharaDesign® during the year.

Lack of Products. Brandoso Srl will verify the actual existence of the goods required by the Client. Indeed the availability or not of a product is published on the site but modified in real time by other customers and that is why Brandoso Srl cannot guarantee the certainty of allocation of the merchandise. In some cases, indicated on its characteristics, the product is produced-on-order and possibly customized. Due to these reasons and to production capacity, it is necessary to wait for longer time than normally planned. In case of product unavailability or for a longer production time Brandoso Srl ensures timely communication to the client and will indicate, for these products, the estimated time of new product availability. In the case of order with only some products missing the customer will be required to agree on a partial shipment or the cancellation of the whole order.

Methods of Payment. In case of purchase of goods with payment using a Credit Card, together with the completion of the transaction online, the Bank will provide the authorization and the commitment for only the amount of the purchase. The amount on the goods, even partially shipped, will be actually charged to the customer credit card only when Brandoso Srl will be informed by production of its delivery to the courier for shipping. Where purchasing of goods is made using PayPal payment method, together with the completion of the online transaction online, Paypal will charge immediately the amount of your purchase.

Arrangements and Shipping Expenses. The handover takes place only through a courier and the transportation charge is listed in the order confirmation and is named "shipping costs" and includes VAT (also for extra CEE destinations). The shipping costs payment therefore is made by the customer together with the items purchased.

Order Shipment and Possible Damages. Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the customer is responsible for controlling that: (a) the number of packages matches what indicated in the transport document; (b) the packaging is intact, not damaged or wet or however altered, even in the closing materials (tape, etc.). Any damage to packing and/or product or mismatch in the number of packages or other indications must be immediately challenged, by putting the word "AGREE WITH RESERVE" specifying the "REASON" of the reserves, eg. "Packaging broken", "packaging wet", etc..) on the courier delivery document. Once signed this document, the customer can not oppose any dispute about the appearance of what has been delivered. Viceversa problems of physical integrity, correspondence or completeness of the products received must be reported within 7 days after delivery, as indicated herein.

Privacy. At no time during the purchase procedure Brandoso Srl is in a position to know the information relating to the Customer's credit card, transmitted via secure connection directly to the site of the Bank that handles the transaction and the same applies to Paypal. No archive of Brandoso Srl retains such data. Under no circumstances may Brandoso Srl therefore be held responsible for any abuse and fraudolent credit card use by third parties, when paying product purchased on "".

Returns. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer - that should be a consumer - will have to send to Brandoso Srl Via Vittoria Colonna 45 20149 Milan Italy, a communication, within 14 days from the date of receipt of goods. The Customer Service will indicate the procedure for sending back the goods that must be integrally returned, complete with the original packaging (envelopes and packaging), preserved and possibly used according to normal diligence, without any signs of wear or dirt, in accordance with the following conditions:

  1. Shipping costs for refunds, by law, must be paid by the customer.
  2. Shipping expenses paid within the order will instead be refunded by Brandoso srl or - in case of substitution (see below) - will not be charged again.
  3. There will be no reimbursement for products for which a customization was requested at order entry (e.g.: a special fabric).
  4. On his arrival at the warehouse, the product will be reviewed to assess any damage or tampering not arising from transportation and - in case - the customer will be contacted indicating the problem and reasons for non-acceptance.

Product Defect. See what indicated under "Returns" but with the possibility of asking for replacement by another equivalent or its repair. The timing of repair or replacement of the product depends solely on the policies of the manufacturer and no damage can be obtained from Brandoso Srl for any delays in the completion of repairs or replacements.

Replacements. In all cases of replacement requested by the customer, namely to change model, size or colour: a) for what concerns the conditions and the cost of return, the rule is the same as indicated under "Returns" (e.g.: the expense for the new shipping will not be charged). b) for what concerns the new items that replace those returned - provided they are available, the customer must make another order. Brandoso Srl is committed to pay back the difference as soon as the returned items arrive.

Court Authority. The sale's contract between the Customer and Brandoso Srl is concluded in Italy and governed by the Italian Law for disputes also with Customers residing abroad. The Court competent in this case, is the Court of Milan. In the event of disputes arising from the Sale Conditions, Brandoso Srl guarantees from now on the full support and acceptance of the conciliation service RisolviOnline. RisolviOnline is an independent and institutional service provided by the Chamber of Arbitration within the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, which allows to reach a satisfactory agreement with the help of a competent and neutral conciliator, in a friendly and safe way on Internet. For more information about the rules for using RisolviOnline or sending a request for conciliation access



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